Perman X was created because its founders were dissatisfied with the performance of paint protection products sold on the market. From waxes to silica-based “ceramic nano-coatings,” nothing offered true durability, great looks, or long-term protection. Perman X’s founders discovered that most of the products on the market performed worse than the factory paints they were designed to protect!

The founders also realized that nearly all coatings made from silicon dioxide (quartz, composite, “ceramic,” glass, silica, etcetera) had a surprisingly low resistance against abrasion and chipping. As far as the Perman X team was concerned, underwhelming shine, swirl marks, and chipping are the calling cards of these silicon dioxide-based products.

Additionally, silicon dioxide-based products required high heat from heat lamps to properly set and gain strength. Not only does this add additional cost in man-time and the facilities to run these heat lamps, this also adds to the customer’s increased vehicle down time. This was unacceptable to Perman X’s founders.

Furthermore, most of these silicone dioxide “nano-coatings” originate from outside the United States and are difficult to verify their quality or authenticity.

With this general dislike of silicon dioxide based “nano-coatings,” what would eventually become the first members of team Perman X set to work to develop a revolutionary, easy-to-use, true nano-coating. The result of countless hours and testing was Perman X’s DIAMOND. Designed to be many times harder and more durable than its nearest competition, DIAMOND is the world’s first corundum-based automotive protective nano-coating.

DIAMOND is nearly as hard as a diamond. DIAMOND’s durability is measured in years instead of months like silicon dioxide “nano-coatings.” DIAMOND has improved dirt repellency and is easier to clean. DIAMOND also features increased scratch, UV, and stain resistance, as well as true long-term gloss and color protection. DIAMOND also helps renew old and tired automotive paint.

The Perman X team couldn’t be more proud of what DIAMOND offers. It is our pleasure to share DIAMOND with you and are confident you will grow to love DIAMOND as much as we do.