“WOW, even I can’t believe the finish. You said mirror finish - I am impressed, and that takes some doing. The reflection looks like it is painted on the hood of my car. I have been in the trade for 15 plus years and NEVER come across a product like this! Look forward to a long and mutual business relationship.”



“I recently bought a new S100XR and decided to get it Nano-coated and to be honest I was skeptical of the claims. I could not have been more wrong, after a 500-mile trip, which was in mixed weather, I got home and hosed the bike off with cold water and all the crud and grime, including bug guts on the screen, just fell off. Amazing! I am so pleased I had the bike coated. Thank you.”

-Mike S.-


“A few years ago, I did a report on a new nanotechnology polish that put a lasting shine on my Ducati 748. I recently ran into them at a show and mentioned that I had cleaned my bike with nothing but cold water since using their coating 2 ½ years ago.  When I mentioned that I had the bike with me, they asked me to put it on their stand.  I did so and unknown to me they gave it a makeover with their latest product.  The result was astonishing! I took the bike to another show and onlookers were impressed to say the least.  A humorous note, when I got home a bird dropping landed on the tank… and slid off.”

-Jeremey J.-


“If you want to keep your ride sparkling clean, this is the product for you”

-Mike T.-


“If I had not achieved this myself, I would have thought the car had been machine polished to death to get this kind of result. The car is not even new! Brilliant product. Highly recommended, and the car stays beautiful wash after wash.”



“The car is coated with DIAMOND at the rear and Gtech at the front. What a difference!

Gtech took me half a day to get the same results as the DIAMOND. The DIAMOND has a good finish and the customer would be very happy. The DIAMOND took me all of 30 minutes to do the rear and I have to say, massive increase in depth of color, super slick and well, now got to do the whole car with DIAMOND.

FYI - The car paint specialists are having a nightmare time with Gtech. We cannot use Gtech below 60 degrees Fahrenheit as it is clouding and, if the car is even slightly damp even more issues. We will be going direct with DIAMOND to every detailer in the new year. Great product!”



“We cannot use any other product except DIAMOND on two Pack paint. Other products tend to ’suck’ the life out of the paint and harm it, resulting in a dulling effect. DIAMOND enhances and protects.”

-Vintage Car-