Q: How is Perman X’s DIAMOND SHIELD nanotechnology different from other nanotechnology protective coatings?

A: DIAMOND SHIELD is a radical change from other technologies in that we use extremely hard and more durable Corundum (Al2O3) nanotechnology and advanced proprietary bonding.  Our nearest competition uses a relatively soft and less durable Quartz (Otherwise known as SiO2, Silicon Dioxide, Glass, Silica Ceramics, etcetera) nanotechnology and outdated bonding technologies.  In fact, Perman X’s DIAMOND SHIELD cures to nearly the hardness of a diamond so, we named it DIAMOND.  Please see below differences:


Corundum (Al2O3) Technology

New Advanced Technology

Very Hard Base Materials (Ruby/ Sapphire)

(Absolute Hardness = 400, Mohs hardness = 9H)

Luster/ Gloss – Adamantine (Superlative Luster)

Advanced Proprietary Bonding Technology

Scratch Resistance: Very Good to Excellent

Chemical Resistance: Very Good to Excellent


Quartz (SiO2) Technology

(Other names: Ceramics, Glass, Silica, Silicon Dioxide, Etcetera)

Old Technology

Soft Base Materials (Quartz)

(Absolute Hardness = 100, Mohs hardness = 7H)

Luster/ Gloss – Vitreous (Transparent)

Antiquated Bonding Technology

Scratch Resistance: Fair to Good

Chemical Resistance: Fair to Good


Q: Does DIAMOND SHIELD coating meet 9H pencil hardness test?

A: Yes, DIAMOND SHIELD easily meets and exceeds test standard ASTM D 3363 otherwise known as the “9H Pencil Hardness Test”.


Q: What chemicals does DIAMOND SHIELD resist?

A: DIAMOND SHIELD is resistant to alkali, sap, tar, oil, natures acids, insect squash, bird lime and in fact, virtually whatever nature can throw at it.


Q: Does DIAMOND SHIELD resist fade and is it UV Resistant?  

A: Yes, DIAMOND SHIELD’s advanced formulation resists fading and is UV Resistant.


Q: Do I need to buy other products for the windows, plastic bumpers, etcetera? 

A: No, we like life simple.  DIAMOND SHIELD can be applied directly to glass, plastic bumpers, rubber, chrome, bare steel, Motorcycle engines, Tail pipe, etc.


Q: What temperature ranges can DIAMOND SHIELD resist?

A: DIAMOND SHIELD has only been tested between -112 degrees Fahrenheit to +1,022 degrees Fahrenheit (-80 degrees Celsius to +550 degrees Celsius).  However, we have a feeling that DIAMOND can exceed these temperature ranges.


Q: How does DIAMOND SHIELD pricing compare with our competition? 

A: DIAMOND SHIELD very cost competitive.


Q: How many coats of DIAMOND SHIELD should I apply?

A: 1- 3 coats depending on your locations.  If you live in an area with no snow, hail or excessive dirt/ dust, you can coat your vehicle or motorcycle with 1 or 2 coats of DIAMOND SHIELD.  If you live in an area with snow, hail or excessive dirt/ dust we recommend you coat your vehicle with 3 coats of DIAMOND SHIELD.


Q: Is DIAMOND SHIELD resistant to salt?

A: Yes, DIAMOND SHIELD has been tested to more than 6,000 hours of continuous salt spray.  Then we got bored and decided to try some other abuse… like fire!


Q: How long does it take for DIAMOND SHIELD to obtain full strength?

A: When not using Infrared curing, we recommend giving DIAMOND SHIELD at least 5-7 days to obtain full strength.  During this time, do not wash your vehicle.